Cement Plant optimization

cementindusneed assists entrepreneurs and cement plant professionals:

To provide most updated knowledge of cement manufacturing in highly structured format.To facilitate online calculators for process engineers, operators, QC peoples and management use. To provide online training programs on the subjects from project  to product management to equip you with the tools of trade (TOT), to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, enhance productivity of cement industry.

Our training programs are designed with six-sigma and lean manufacturing theme for CCR Operators, Process Engineers quality peoples and plant technical management team. We use most updated tools like minitab, SPC and pivoted tables to analyse your plant data from on-line and Off-line sources to find out the root cause of process and quality problems like snowman formation in cooler, high free lime in clinker, higher heat and power consumption,  low cement strength issues etc. Our mission is to equip you with the tools and skills for cement plant optimization.

We believe that right process will produce right products at competitive price. To sustain market competition in cement making business, we consider optimization a master key to manage costs through value creation and waste reduction.

Training and Data Analysis

We believe that, the strategies, plannings and objectives you establish can  be followed, executed and achieved only through the people of the plant. So, we have designed training programs for cement plants to develop knowledge and skills of your worthy employees. Currently we have nine programs for Energy, Process and quality management. Our training programs are available online 24x7, so that you can enhance your knowledge and skills in time convenient to you. however, we prefer to train, coach and mentor your peoples in your plants environment to meet your specific needs and fill the performance gap to achieve the best of industrial standards.

Process and energy audit capacity building within your plant will surely open up a visible path for improvements and potential capacity increase. We use standard tools like minitab, SPC and pivoted tables to analyse your plant data on site and remotely, to identify the root causes of your process and quality problems on the path to meet performance with potential. For details click Here
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Measurements and Calculations

Rich resource has been made available for free, to cement professionals in the form of process and quality calculators used on daily basis in cement plant. we will be adding more calculators and online raw mix design, heat balance templates soon. Moreover, we are preparing to add "Measurement page" and "Process Analysis page" to contain measurement procedures and templates for flow, temperature, pressure and other  measurements. Use of various portable instruments in process and energy audit of cement plant. A list of highly reliable instruments and a method of measurement system analysis (MSA) of instruments. Statistical method of process analysis using Six-Sigma theme.

We welcome here your contribution, reinforcing our mission to equip cement professionals with the Tools of Trade (TOT) for cement plant optimization. Your thoughts, expertise and your will, can change the analytical-landscape of cement industry. You can contribute here by sharing a useful calculators (in MS Excel), analytical thoughts to let peoples benefit from. For details click Here
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Cement Manufacturing Process

Brief description of cement manufacturing process is available here. We welcome your contribution, reinforcing our mission of  optimizing cement manufacturing. Your thoughts, expertise and your will, can change the efficiency-landscape of cement industry.

It is fact that cement industry has seen a sea of developments in the area of production enhancement (from 50 tons/day/kiln to 10000 tons/day/kiln) and energy efficiency (from 1400 kcal/kg-clinker to 670 kcal/kg-clinker and 160 kwh/ton-cement to 70 kwh/ton-cement), however we are still producing about 0.8 ton of CO2 for each ton of cement, loosing 300-400 kcal of heat per kg-clinker produced and wasting a lot of electric energy in various inefficient ways.

Therefore, a huge scope of improvement is always there for cement plant optimization further.  We shall be pleased to promote your efficient equipments, machines, tools,products, safety gadgets etc. to make cement plant more productive and efficient. For details click Here
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