Online Training:

Our all online and onsite training programs are designed with six-sigma and lean manufacturing theme for CCR Operators, Process Engineers quality peoples and plant technical management team. Learners can work alone, either in the office or at home, wherever a computer with an internet connection is available. Better still, each student chooses the time of day best suited to him/her to complete specific lessons, modules and quizzes.
CEMENTINDUSNEED Learning courses can be specifically tailored to fit an individual cement company or factory needs, to enhance the learning experience for a team of students/staff within a particular work environment.
Furthermore, having a well accomplished lecturer on hand to provide individual tuition generates extra confidence in the chosen topics and technology issues.
The benefits of e-Learning

  • Learning is self-paced and gives Learners a chance to speed up or slow down as necessary
  • Learning is self-directed, allowing learners to choose content and tools appropriate to their differing interests, needs, and skill levels
  • Low cost - no need to book flights and hotels compared with conventional training.
  • Geographical barriers are eliminated in online training provisions.
  • Higher retention - online training will draw you to topics you like, enjoy and need.
  • Listen to lectures online or download full text handouts and worksheets to work on at your convenient time.

Onsite Training:


Our Global Students-351 Enrolled

cement plant optimization

  • India(23)
  • Iran(7)
  • Nepal(11)
  • Pakistan(8)
  • Kazakhstan(3)
  • China(3)
  • Japan(1)
  • Philippines(12)
  • Indonesia(9)
  • Australia(21)
  • Bangladesh(14)
  • KSA(22)
  • Kuwait(1)
  • Qatar(5)
  • Egypt(1)
  • Jordan(2)
  • U.A.E(27)
  • Turkey(14)
  • Africa(72)
  • France(4)
  • Spain(11)
  • US(12)
  • Canada(22)
  • Mexico(11)
  • Brazil(16)
  • Others(19)

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Margun Cement, IRAN


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