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Most Frequently Used Calculators Now Available Online For Quality Evaluation  and Process Control in Cement Industry

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Size Calculations
Degree of filling DF%
Burning zone/Thermal loading TL
Volumetric loading VL
Material residence time in kiln RTK

Cooler Loading CL
Clinker residence time in cooler
Radiation Heat Losses RHL
Convection Heat Losses CHL
Forced Convection Heat Losses FCHL

False air w.r.t. mix (O2 basis)
False air w.r.t. gas (O2 basis)
False air w.r.t. mix (CO2 basis)
False air w.r.t. gas (CO2 basis)
Excess Air EA
True CO2 in kiln exit gas TCO2
Theoretical Heat of reaction HR

Theoretical Flame Temperature TFT
Primary Air %
Burner Tip Velocity BTV
Flame Momentum FM

Gross calorific value GCV
Net calorific value NCV
Useful heat value UHV
Standard coal factor SCF
Specific Stoichiometric/minimum Combustion Air SSCA kg-air/kg-fuel
Stoichiometric/minimum Combustion Air SCA kg-air/sec 

Lime Saturation Factor (LSF)
Silica Modulus (SM)
Alumina Modulus (AM)
Hydraulic Modulus (HM)
Silicic acid modulus (SAM)
Total alkalies (as Na2O equivalent)
Total alkalies (as K2O equivalent)

Calcium carbonate as CaCO3
Magnesium carbonate as MgCO3
Total carbonates TC%
Sulphate modulus MSO
Soluble alkalies SA
Soluble alkalies SA from SO3

Alkali / Sulphur ratio
Liquid Phase LP% 3CALC.
%Ash absorption in clinker
Raw Mix to Clinker ratio (R/C) 

Clinker C3S, C2S, C3A, C4AF
Cement C3S, C2S, C3A, C4AF
Burnability index (for clinker)
Burnability factor (for clinker)
Burning temperature (minimum)

28-days mortar strength Mpa
Gypsum Set Point (GSP)

Critical Speed (nc) & Mill Speed (n)
Degree of Filling (%DF)
Maximum ball size (MBS)
Arm of gravity (a)
Net Power Consumption (Pn)
Gross Power Consumption (Pg)

New Production  (Blain Based)
New Production  (Residue Based)
Circulation factor ( C )
Circulation load (CL)

Separator efficiency (SE)
Separator efficiency (fine)
Separator efficiency (coarse)

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